get phpVirtualBox 5.0.5 running with VirtualBox 5.2.x

  • If you haven’t already, upgrade to phpVirtualBox 5.0.5.
  • Open file "endpoints/lib/config.php" on your phpvirtualbox installation in an editor of your choice.
  • Change the line "define('PHPVBOX_VER', ...) as following:
    define('PHPVBOX_VER', '5.2-0');
  • Download SDK for VirtualBox 5.2 from
  • Extract the SDK-archive contents somewhere.
  • Copy the files "bindings/webservice/vboxweb.wsdl" and "bindings/webservice/vboxwebService.wsdl" of the SDK to the folder "endpoints/lib" of your phpvirtualbox installation and rename the files as "vboxweb-5.2.wsdl" and "vboxwebService-5.2.wsdl"
  • Edit the file "vboxwebService-5.2.wsdl" with an editor. Change the line
    "<import location="vboxweb.wsdl" namespace=""/>"
    <import location="vboxweb-5.2.wsdl" namespace=""/>
  • Restart the vboxweb-Service AND your webserver:
    service vboxweb-service restart
    service apache2 restart

If this still doesn’t work, try rebooting the host machine. This sometimes fixed VB-issues magically if one has just upgraded or installed VB.

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  1. Darren Harrison

    Thanks, that worked for me

  2. C0D3R

    Very nice work! Well done, it worked like a charm 🙂


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