Ultimate Vocal Remover

If you are looking for STEMs or vocal-only (acapella) tracks of existing songs in vain until now, your search might have ended today.

I just stumbled over the “Ultimate Vocal Remover 5” (or short “UVR5”), and I’m still knocked off my feet by this tool.

It can do things like separate music from vocals, create separate tracks with vocals, lead music, bass and drum (STEMs), and do some other nifty stuff like denoising, removal of echoes and so on.

The quality it delivers is just unbelievable, even if the vocs are burried deep into the music, I was still able to extract them in decent quality. In most cases the output has studio quality. Even if the input material is not in the best condition, the results are still fair enough to fits well into your mixes without much manual post-editing needed.

On the website it says “The best vocal remover application on the internet, and it’s totally free and open source!” – I’d say that’s not exaggerated.

It is available for all the major platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux as direct download.

And the best at last: The tool is completely free to download and use! (That’s no joke!) So give it a try and see yourself.

All I’d ask for is to show your appreciation by giving a small donation via Buy me a coffee.

Official website: https://ultimatevocalremover.com/


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