Ultimate Vocal Remover

If you are looking for STEMs or vocal-only (acapella) tracks of existing songs in vain until now, your search might have ended today. I just stumbled over the “Ultimate Vocal Remover 5” (or short “UVR5”), and I’m still knocked off my feet by this tool. It can do things like separate music from vocals, create… Continue reading Ultimate Vocal Remover

New remix @ soundcloud

Yet another remix I just finished that had been lying around for far too long. This time it’s Tannengruen’s ode to the love called “Der Kuss” (the kiss). Downloads are enabled, enjoy!

haekchengeister @ soundcloud

I’ve just uploaded a new song to my soundcloud account. It’s a funny chipsound-flavored song with german synthetic vocals about the “Haekchengeister” (checkbox ghosts) the come at night to destroy your computer’s config and stuff.

Using VST MIDI plugins in Cakewalk Sonar

About: As you may know, one can’t use VST-M plugins in Sonar nativly since the inbuild wrapper only supports VST effect und VSTi plugins, no MIDI (effect) plugins.There are very few MFX (DirectX MIDI effect) plugins out there that could be used in Sonar, so I always wished that I could use VST-M plugins as… Continue reading Using VST MIDI plugins in Cakewalk Sonar

Free Tonmann DeEsser VST plugin

Update: I just finished the work on version 1.2, which I now offer as a free download below. This version brings an all new “decent” GUI, kindly created by DeLaMancha (www.delamancha.co.uk), the de-normal and multicore-problems are (hopefully) fixed. Also a few other internal improvements are addressed in this release. A screenshot of the current version… Continue reading Free Tonmann DeEsser VST plugin

x50 Converter

 International Visitors please scroll further down or click here! 1. Was macht das Programm? Es wandelt Diskimages vom Roland S-50 Format in das S-550 Format um und anders herum. 2. Wozu das Ganze? Wer einen Sampler oder Sampleplayer der S-7xx Baureihe besitzt, kann sich diese Frage sicher selbst beantworten. 😉 Für alle anderen: Diese Geräte… Continue reading x50 Converter