Strange pink counters in Thunderbird after auto-update to 38.1?!

After the auto-update of my Thunderbird-installation to version 38.1 I noticed strange pink counters in the upper left corner of every TB-window:
Digging in the “config editor” settings brought the solution: For some reasons the variable “layers.acceleration.draw-fps” was set to “true”. After re-setting it to “false” the counters immediately disappeared again.
Infos about how to access the config editor can here found here.


  1. I’m from Brazil, and i having a problem. The link ” Download former version (v1.1, ~ 1 MB, rar archive) ” don’t star download here. Do you can me help ?

    1. Hi Brendo,
      huh? There is no download-link on this page.
      Can you please tell me what exactly you want to download here?

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