get phpVirtualBox 5.0.5 running with VirtualBox 5.2.x

  • If you haven’t already, upgrade to phpVirtualBox 5.0.5.
  • Open file "endpoints/lib/config.php" on your phpvirtualbox installation in an editor of your choice.
  • Change the line "define('PHPVBOX_VER', ...) as following:
    define('PHPVBOX_VER', '5.2-0');
  • Download SDK for VirtualBox 5.2 from
  • Extract the SDK-archive contents somewhere.
  • Copy the files "bindings/webservice/vboxweb.wsdl" and "bindings/webservice/vboxwebService.wsdl" of the SDK to the folder "endpoints/lib" of your phpvirtualbox installation and rename the files as "vboxweb-5.2.wsdl" and "vboxwebService-5.2.wsdl"
  • Edit the file "vboxwebService-5.2.wsdl" with an editor. Change the line
    "<import location="vboxweb.wsdl" namespace=""/>"
    <import location="vboxweb-5.2.wsdl" namespace=""/>
  • Restart the vboxweb-Service AND your webserver:
    service vboxweb-service restart
    service apache2 restart

If this still doesn’t work, try rebooting the host machine. This sometimes fixed VB-issues magically if one has just upgraded or installed VB.


  1. Hi all,

    imoore76 has been kind enough to let us take on this project and the codebase was migrated to GitHub under an organisation of the same name back in July, 2017:

    Since then we have done a little work and put out a version for 5.2. We will continue to work on this project and coordinate contributions as quickly as we can.

    We have already migrated all bugs to GitHub. In future, please submit bug reports to:

    Unfortunately, we don’t (yet) have control over the sourceforge account, so please only use Github for reporting.

    Tudor Holton
    Smart Guide

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